Stan Huncilman


 Osore an overly contemplative fish discovers

  that life is more complicated than he thinks.

Written in verse (limerick)

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Late one night  Skillet takes a ride with a mysterious stranger and his boat. Little does she know that she isn't just crossing a river. She is entering another world where she encounters a bizarre cast of characters that just don't want to leave it all behind and others whose job it is to make sure they do.

 Can the Brigands - a bunch of cat chasing hounds save their de facto leader Skillet? They can if they let an odd dog named Zippy help. Not only Skillet but the whole universe is in danger if the Brigands and Zippy fail to save her for the Wigdags have kidnapped her so that they can take over the universe.

Short interview with author

It's June 6th 1924. George Mallory and another man stand on the summit of Mount Everest but only one will live to tell of it. The Reverend Morton Tutter has succeeded when every other climber has failed and it isn't because he is a great climber it's because he's a great liar. Here now for the first time is the story of the first man to successfully reach the highest place on Earth.